Specific Skin Function Support

Specific Skin Function Support is designed to help cats with allergic reaction to environmental allergens such as fleas or pollen. Unlike food allergies, where the problem foods can be avoided, it is almost impossible to avoid environmental allergens. Nutrition can help by strengthening the skin, giving better barrier protection from the allergens and by supporting the natural anti-inflammatory process resulting from the allergic reaction.

For all ages of cats with environmental allergies such as pollen fleas or dust.

Why choose Skin Function Support?

  • Contains multiple skin supporting nutrients – Uniquely high levels of Omega-3 from fish; GLA from borage oil; Vitamin A, E and B complex and zinc and selenium. Supporting healthy skin to improve barrier protection against environmental allergens.
  • High levels of Omega-3 from fish help support the natural anti-inflammatory process
  • Is an exceptionally palatable diet.

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