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Specific | Allergy Management Plus Cat

Specific Allergy Management Plus Cat

Hydrolysed salmon protein: Hydrolysed salmon protein with a molecular weight < 10.000 Dalton has a high digestibility and a low allergenicity.

Immune support: Unique high levels of the omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, from fish oil and the omega-6 fatty acid, GLA, from borage oil. These fatty acids can affect the immune response by altering the eicosanoids production. Through the production of less-inflammatory eicosanoids, EPA, DHA and GLA dampen the hyper responsive inflammatory response in the skin. The diet is optimal for cats with atopy.

High digestibility: Very high quality and highly digestible ingredients make the diet especially useful for patients with small intestinal diarrhoea.

Healthy urinary tract support: A urine pH below 6.4 supports a healthy urinary tracts.

All ages: A complete, balanced diet with recommended nutrient levels to meet the nutrient requirement of growing and adult cats. The diet is therefore also suitable for kittens.

For a list of feeding guidelines, nutrition content and ingredients click here