I got Herbie at 7 weeks old from a friend of a friend. He has been my best friend since I adopted him in 2013 and 4 years later it was love at first site with Nathan…and Herbie. 🙂 He brings joy and love to our lives every single day, I’ve never met a more empathetic dog, he is our world.

How does your pet show they are anxious?

He hides away and shivers. 

When did you first spot signs of the anxieties in your pet?

As he got older he became more fearful of noisy household things such as the washing machine, dryer & hoover. 

How do these anxieties make you as a pet owner feel?

Upset and helpless as I can’t explain to him that there is nothing to fear.

What would it mean to you to help your pet cope with these issues?

He does so much for us it would be the very least we could do for him. 

Why is it important to highlight these issues to other pet owners?

Alot of owners don’t pick up on subtle signs of stress. 

What products do you use to help your pet?

Adaptil Plug In Diffuser – 24/7

Do you have any top tips for others facing anxiety challenges with their pet?

Address any challenges early and don’t be afraid to ask advice from your veterinary surgery. Managing anxiety means both you and your pet can have a better quality of life. Less time stressing and more time enjoying each others company.