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Environmental flea control

Acclaim Aerosol

S-Methoprene and Permethrin – environmental flea control

Acclaim Flea Control Aerosol works in two ways, it has a quick knockdown insecticide (Permethrin 0.58%) combined with a juvenile hormone (Methoprene 0.09%) which prevents flea larvae completing the change from larvae to flea adult.

Available in 40ml.


Environmental flea spray

SKOOSH works by using its sticky trap of silicones to coat fleas, larvae and pupae, which leave them immobile and their eggs unable to hatch. This fantastic product controls flea infestations in the domestic environment including animal bedding, carpets, sofas, furnishings and car seats. SKOOSH actively controls adult fleas, larvae, eggs and pupae for nine weeks following application.

Available in 400ml.