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Logic Oral Chews for Dogs

Plaque buster – multi-enzyme complex

Logic Orozyme Dental Chews for dogs help prevent plaque build up, long term gum disease, tooth loss, pain and associated weight loss and poor quality of life.

Logic Chew’s unique multi enzyme and antibacterial complex, combined with the chewing action to massage gums and clean teeth of food particles, will result in a healthier mouth and fresher breath. The low calorie chews, are easy and convenient to use and should be given to dogs once a day after their final meal and ideally be used in conjunction with brushing with Logic® Oral Hygiene Gel.

Logic Orozyme® Chews, which come in a sealed aluminium pouch to guarantee freshness, are available in three presentations: one for small sized dogs weighing less than 10kg, one for medium sized dogs weighing between10-30 kg and one for large dogs weighing more than 30kg.

Logic Oral Hygiene Gel

Plaque buster – toothpaste for dogs and cats

Logic Oral hygiene Gel helps to prevent the formation of dental plaque and fight bad breath. Based on a multi-enzyme patented system, Logic® Oral Hygiene Gel supplements the animal’s own defence mechanism to help fight harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Logic® Oral Hygiene Gel’s multi-enzyme formula helps maintain a normal balance of micro organisms in the mouth whilst the mild abrasives help break down existing plaque. The gel also contains a surfactant which ensures that the active ingredients remain in contact with the teeth and gums.

Tooth brushing is known to be the single most effective way of removing plaque and ideally Logic® Oral Hygiene Gel should be used with regular brushing. However it will still be beneficial if the pet refuses a full dental regime. In this case the gel can be applied to the pet’s paw for the cat to lick off or directly into the mouth as instructed.

Logic® Oral Hygiene Gel is suitable for cats and dogs of all ages and the ideal time for pet owners to start using it is after the teeth have been checked, descaled and polished by their vet.