Your cat: your best ally during containment

Your cat might be your best ally during the containment: discover the 4 feline superpowers against the blues !

Whether you are staying at home with other family members or on your own, your cat will probably be the only one fully available for you 24 hours a day.

Thinking of which, this is a premium type assistance in these difficult days, providing on demand petting and warm interactions (that is – of course – on your cat’s demand, don’t be mistaken).

Your cat has the superpowers to listen to you

Depending on your cat character (link to the cat character quiz), the level of interaction might vary. Some cats will chat with you for hours. In other cases, you will just be speaking to your cat, a good remedy to loneliness these days.

The good point is: your cat will always agree with you, whatever you say!


Your cat has the superpowers to make you feel less stressed

And let’s face it, it is indeed a superpower these days !

If you are lucky to have a cuddly cat, you can enjoy a free petting session several times a day (on their good will of course!)

Remember that petting your cat is fine (as long as you wash hands after), and can provide undeniable comfort (even science says so).

Also, if you are working from home, you might from time to time see your cat pop up near your computer, with at least 2 immediate benefits: make you smile and make your audience smile if you are on a video conference.

Last but not least, any stressful news becomes way easier to digest with a fur ball purring on your lap.

Your cat has the superpowers to entertain you

Watching your cat playing is much better than netflix and can be a lot of fun! If you lack ideas of games to play, read our suggestions here (link to X Best Kitty Toys for Active Cats)

Also remember that if your cat has now less access to the outside, playing with them is good for them too !

Your cat has the superpowers to relax you

Did you know that cats spend 12 to 17 hours a day sleeping ?

So just watch your cat sleeping and you will instantly feel relaxed, it’s even better than yoga (and at least, no need to be super flexible!)

Now after all this work, your feline super hero deserves some rest, a good snack, and don’t forget that this situation is also stressful for them, so see how FELIWAY can help !

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